Thursday, January 15, 2015


Of late, news of B.Ed trainees to be filtered for teaching by significant number in government schools is yet another harsh blow to the job seekers in Bhutan. This unwelcomed announcement might have already made the ongoing trainees and teaching aspirants to feel a sense of hopelessness and uncertainty in contrast to what it once warranted of sure job. While some with superior employable skills may find themselves in private schools but those less fortunate with no options are bound to fall in same unemployment basket as general graduates.

Why unemployment of its kind?  In fact, it’s not principally opportune moment for RCSC to make such an ad hoc decision hampering innumerable lives. Clearly by every available yardstick, decision seems unfair as some bearing the brunt might have landed in teacher training institute by guessing surety of landing the job. Moreover there is indication of lack of close coordination between two colleges, RCSC and the MoE. Ideally, if  the two concern agencies should have corresponded an accurate number required from two training institutes, today lives of around two hundred or so, would not have bartered to remain in that unlucky unemployment basket.

On the other end, the private school as such may steal the fortune of unfortunate individual by lending in skills of well trained teachers. They may have luxury to strengthen their capacity, develop the skills of untrained teachers and thereby heighten the standard of some low ranking private schools. But sure enough, that would be followed by bitter tangible long run consequences in private learning institutes. Time may arise wherein some permanent untrained teachers may be pushed to disadvantage edge which may fruition another type of unemployment in the pool unemployment.

As it’s obvious, that training they toiled for four years in two institutes, for some may go in total vain if unable to land up even in private schools. Lesson learnt, we may take what’s happening now as an onset warning, as is likely to occur with graduates passing from other institutions like CNR, RIHS, JNP, .etc. Against this backdrop, the concern agency at least for now should be at a loose end and tighten its decision only after doing necessary homework of correspondence with institutions and its stakeholders. Make very clear of exact numbers required in the field and then accordingly training only the required number, so that our pools of already diversified unemployment remain steadfastly undiversified.

Disclaimer: It’s my own bleak analysis over the issue, unintended to demean directly /indirectly any organizations or agencies.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Safety of South is the Safety of Bhutanese

When all  over Bhutan were enthusiastically waiting for the dawn of celebration, in one corner, in the wake of the morning, a father, a teacher was alarmed by a threatening call at around 5.42 a.m by  the kidnapper of his son.The other end demanded a huge unimaginable ransom.We know this is not the first case of the kind. Preceding this, a string of same incident occurred coercing victims' family to arrange a ransom which is beyond their shallow pockets.

Clearly, from all the past incidences, all kidnappers wanted was an easy money.Even though, the fact remains, nothing comes for free. But it raises questions of how long this will go as is jeopardizing the security of the people? One has to constantly worry about the family members going out of home for works if they would return home or not.At times being even at home, deemed safe, do not guarantee the safety of not being a victim of such viscous act. This was obvious in the past when a father and son was taken hostage while having family meal in the evening. By close contemplation, i feel victims' family and general public are helpless unless  Bhutanese and Indian counterpart jointly pawn upon the matter very seriously, intensely and timely with no further delay. 

In response to this heavy issue, the Royal Government had re-instated the SSB escorting through the Indian road which would definitely lighten up the heavy heart of the Bhutanese commuters.Also several different level of Coordination Meetings were held and will be held to come up with a sort of solution that will lead people back to normal life.

Now the real questions on ground is the start of these incidences date back before two years and by those calculation, now its high time to equipped with a concrete action plans on hand and to focus on implementation of the solution. On the other hand, the Border Meetings cannot be deemed least important as it should be continuous deliberations involving  influential policy makers and military heads of  both the nations. But seemingly several meetings had taken place without a much needed concrete outcome at this point.This is a weakness that in one way prompt perpetrators to repeatedly gain guards to  kidnap innocence from a Bhutanese soil.

Our urgent need is concrete steps taken with necessary and genuine dialogues.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

I am a New

Dear Friends and all loved ones,
We need an outlet to pour-out ourselves to the world and in particular to bridge with our closed and loved ones. Even though there are varied means for connections, somehow  my instinct obliged me to choose this blogging-way, as i have seen my circle and some little acquaints of mine giving out their thoughts on this very  page. So am i here.